We will run any size, any quantity, with no set-up fees. Fast turn-around. 
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Please forward your design
here. Provide finished size, quantity, and design.

Design set-up guidelines:
  • Design your artwork at 1/4 scale at 300 dpi.
  • Make the size of your art board the same size as your design.
  • Set file color space to CMYK color mode.
  • Use CMYK values for ALL colors (not Pantone or PMS # or RGB).
  • “Blue” colors to have at least a 30% difference in the Cyan and Magenta values.
  • Use “rich black” for your blacks (C: 60%, M: 40%, Y: 40%, K: 100%).
  • Convert all fonts to curves.
  • Flatten the artwork (no transparency layers, no hidden layers)
  • Save file as a high quality JPEG [more]
  • Open the file you just made and double check to make sure it looks the way you were expecting (TIP: zoom in 200%-400% and examine it closely)

    Files not set up according to the above file setup guidelines are subject to an additional production fee.

    High-Quality JPEG / Print Resolution PDF
    JpegOur preferred file format is a high-quality JPEG in the CMYK color space at 300dpi. Why a JPEG? The JPEG format is universally compatible, there aren’t any font issues or transparency conflicts. When set up properly (following our scale requirements–see above), the file size is very reasonable and the prints look great.

    PDFOur second preferred file format is a print quality PDF in the CMYK color space . PDF files that have been optimized for ‘Press’ with 300dpi images work well in the digital printing environment. Be sure to change the settings or preferences so that PDF version 1.3 or Acrobat 4.0 is used.

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